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For many decades, Ewing Flagpole has been recognized as the leader in the engineering, design and manufacturing of flagpoles and their fittings. Experience and customer satisfaction have gained Ewing Flagpole an enviable reputation for high quality products. Our continuing commitment to design improvements, new concepts, materials, methods and applications has enabled Ewing Flagpole to set new industry standards.

Ewing Flagpoles are manufactured from aluminum and steel materials, are designed by professional engineers, and are fabricated by expert craftsmen in our modern plant facilities. We are committed to using environmentally responsible, sustainable and renewable materials in our products. All metals used in our products are 100% recyclable.

Other applications include stainless steel and bronze materials.

Ewing offers a complete line of flagpoles:

  • Residential Flagpoles
  • Commercial Flagpoles
  • Banner Poles
  • Nautical Poles
  • Custom and Specialty Poles
  • Large “Gigantic” Flagpoles

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