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Ewing International is a proud designer and manufacturer of Environmental/Meteorological Tilt-Down Towers, as well as Custom Towers and Poles.

The design and prototype for Ewing’s Tilt-Down Towers were completed in 1979 for the ASOS program (Automated Surface Observing System) for both the FAA and the NWS. Ewing Towers have a proven track record in the field. They have been installed and in service since 1980 and are still in operation today. Ewing Towers have been installed throughout North America, including Hawaii, Midway Island, Saipan and Puerto Rico. In extreme weather conditions, from the extreme cold of Alaska to the extreme heat of California and stormy weather conditions of Key West Florida, Ewing Towers continue to provide reliable service for decades. Installed sites include in-land and coastal areas, as well as roof tops and airports.

The more remote sites require the Ewing Tower to be transported by small plane or in a few cases by dog sled. These Towers and their various sensors help to increase the safety of plane travel for everyone.

Usage of the Ewing Tilt-Down Towers over the last ten years has expanded beyond the original ASOS program due to occupational health and safety considerations. These Towers are being used to replace fixed towers; the mast can be safely tilted over to a horizontal position for the worker to access the components at the top of the mast, perform the required maintenance and safely re-tilt the mast to a vertical position, all without having to climb the Tower. No fall arrest training is required.

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