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Traffic and Lighting Products

The Traffic and Lighting Division is a proud manufacturer and supplier of traffic and roadway and associated products.

For example, Ewing Traffic manufactures and supplies:

  • Traffic Poles – Aluminum, Steel Octagon, Steel Stackable
  • Aluminum Traffic Arms
  • Galvanized Steel Pole Plates
  • Aluminum Street Lighting Arms
  • Galvanized Steel Anchor Cages
  • Steel Re-Bar Cages
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Sign and Signal Mounting Brackets
  • Custom Products

Iain Myles, P.Eng.

Doug Myles

Jocelyn Featherstone

Tapered Aluminum Traffic Poles

Single Member Arm Brackets – SMA , Tapered Aluminum Traffic Arms
OPSS 2460

Galvanized Steel Pole Plates for Single Member Mast Arms – SMA

Tapered Aluminum Roadway Lighting “E” Poles

Tapered Elliptical Aluminum Streetlight Arms – TEA

Aluminum Poles – Round Tapered- RTAP, Round Straight – RSAP

Tapered Aluminum MTO Poles
OPSD 2432.010

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