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As the leading flagpole manufacturer, we’ve had the honour and privilege to install our flagpoles in some very distinctive locations and settings. You will find Ewing flagpoles standing tall in military installations, honouring fallen soldier memorials, and enhancing distinct settings, a testament to the diversity and versatility of our flagpoles.

The videos capture not only the flagpoles, but also the surrounding environments, underscoring how our products seamlessly fit into and compliment any scenario while highlighting its significance. Through each video, you’ll witness the culmination of professional craftsmanship and heartfelt dedication, producing installations that truly honor and commemorate.

 Special Installations Videos

Bowmanville LAV Monument

Bowmanville LAV Monument Ground

Bowmanville LAV Monument Night

Oshawa 160 foot Flagpole

Bridgenorth 100 foot Flagpole

 Special Installations Gallery


These how-to videos are designed to provide step-by-step instructions on various flagpole-related tasks, such as raising and lowering a streamline winch, attaching a flag to a telescopic pole, raising the flag, and removing or attaching a flag and more.

Raising a Streamline Winch

Lowering a Streamline Winch

Raising a Slimline Winch

Lowering a Slimline Winch

Lowering a Slimline Winch

Raising a Skyline

Lowering a Skyline

Attach Flag to Telescopic Pole

Raising a Telescopic Pole

Lowering a Telescopic Pole

Raising the Flag on a Residential Pole

Lowering the Flag on a Residential Pole

Raising a Flag and Tying Cleat
Attach a Flag Snap
Lowering Flag External
Raising the Flag
Removing and Attaching a Flag
Lowering the Flag on Econoline Flagpole

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